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Private Events

Corporate Events:

Organize a company-wide tournament with teams representing different departments for a friendly competition.

Offer coaching sessions tailored to specific skills beneficial for team building, like communication and strategy.

Team Building:

Doubles Challenges: Pair employees randomly to encourage teamwork and collaboration on the court.

Designed Challenges require teamwork and coordination to complete, enhancing team bonding.


Pickleball-A-Thon: Invite participants to play continuously for a set period, seeking pledges per hour of playtime to raise funds.

Charity Tournaments: Organize tournaments where entry fees or donations contribute to a chosen cause.

Birthday Parties:

Pickleball Games: Create mini-tournaments or round-robin games suited for different skill levels among party guests.

Themed Celebrations: Customize the event with birthday-themed decorations, cake, and special prizes for participants.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties:

Doubles Showdown: Organize competitive but fun doubles matches for the bridal party, adding entertainment to the celebration.

Costume Matches: Encourage players to dress up in themes related to the wedding or the couple's interests.

Gender Reveal Parties:

Team Competitions: Divide guests into teams based on their gender predictions and have them compete in friendly matches. Reveal the gender after the games.


Pre-Wedding Pickleball: Host a fun event before the wedding to bring together friends and family who enjoy the game.

Couple's Exhibition Match: Showcase the bride and groom playing a friendly match, entertaining guests, and adding a personal touch to the celebration.

Tailoring pickleball events to suit these private occasions adds a unique and engaging element to the celebrations, making them memorable and enjoyable for the participants.

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