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We stay up to date with the most current demos! These paddles range from $100 to $250 but as a member, you get to try them for free.  If you are not a member of us feel free to try them on the grounds for $5.   Every five dollars spent on a demo will go towards the purchase of a paddle with a max discount of $20.

Current Demo List

CRBN  3X 16mm

CRBN 3X 14mm

Joola Scorpeus 16mm

Joola Scorpeus 14mm

Joola Perseus 14mm

Joola Perseus 16mm

Joola Hyperion Swift 16mm

Joola Hyperion 16mm

Joola Solaire 13mm

Joola Solaire 14mm

Joola Radius 16mm

Joola Method 14mm

Joola Vision 16mm

Selkirk Invikta Vangard PowerAir

Selkirk S2 Vanguard PowerAir

Selkirk Epic Varguard PowerAir

Selkirk Invikta Amped FiberFlex

Selkirk Epic Amped FiberFlex

Selkirk Epic Amped FiberFlex

Selkirk SLK Halo Max 13mm

Selkirk SLK Halo Max 16mm

Selkirk SLK Halo XL 13mm

Selkirk SLK Halo XL 16mm

Diadem Warrior

Diadem Warrior Edge

Gearbox CX 11 Power 8.5E

Gearbox CX 11 Control 8.5Q

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